"Auto Valet Pro offers scope to raise the bar in the
organised sector in a business I firmly believe in"
Sarada Prasana Nayak, Dir./G.M. Auto Valet Pro.
A local businessman specialising in geo-tracking
based technologies for individual & fleet vehicles.



"Auto Valet Pro offers a fine blend of individualism and world class services"
Arbind Ray, M.D. Auto Valet Pro. A London based businessman and Creative
Practitioner with a B.A. (Hons) United Kingdom, Arbind oversees, advises & assists
in general strategy and commercial viability of projects in development,having provided
expertise as senior consultant in the corporate sector specialising in Explosives Ordinance
Devices and Electronic Surveillance and Countersurveillance Measures equipment. In addition
to dignitaries and show-business personalities, Arbind has advised Governments and Law
Enforcement Agencies world-wide. Quite naturally projects in development benefit greatly
from his wide and varied contacts and experience in international trade.


"I strive for Perfection. Enough said"
Minaxi Ray, Dir. - Auto Valet Pro
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
M.C.S.E. & MCDBA, London, United Kingdom.



"I channel my Passion for finer things in life, including
Netflix (ahem!) through my love of maintaining stunning
lustre on the body of one of our most prized possessions".
Pritam Padhy - Dir. Auto Valet Pro, B-Tech, Sc.& Eng, Trident
Academy of Technology, aff. Biju Patnaik University of Tech, India.

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